AFA Required Coursework

Associate in Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing

*In order to be admitted to and graduate from the AFA program, students must fill out and submit the application at

The Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degree in Creative Writing is designed for the student who has selected Creative Writing as a career option and intends to transfer to a fine arts baccalaureate program (BA or BFA) in Creative Writing at a four-year institution.  The AFA degree combines creative writing coursework in several genres with the study of literature.  Students who complete this course of study and meet the admission requirements to their selected institution are eligible to apply for admission with junior standing.

The AFA is designed to provide the student with a body of work through workshop courses and a Capstone Project.

The AFA is a combination of liberal arts general education courses and creative writing courses.  General education requirements fulfill the creative writing student’s need to develop conceptual and communication skills necessary for successful transfer and completion of a baccalaureate arts degree or a successful professional career.

The degree is earned by completing 60 credits, 40 credits of which are to include the entire Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) and 20 credits of English course requirements.  To complete the AFA degree program in Creative Writing in two years, it is recommended that the student take 16 credits per semester each of the four semesters (Fall and Spring).  Some courses are offered during the summer session to reduce the course load during the academic year. All courses required for the program are offered on campus and online, in both synchronous and asynchronous formats, to allow for maximum accessibility.

Students in the AFA degree program are expected to meet with the Director of Creative Writing and their Academic Advisor at least once per year to ensure they are meeting their goals and readying themselves for transfer and/or jobs after graduation.

Students should consult their intended institution for any additional admissions or general education requirements.

Required writing courses: (12cr, 4 classes)
Complete 12 credits from the following:
ENGW 1111    Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGW 2112    Poetry Writing
ENGW 2113    Fiction Writing
ENGW 2114    Play and Screenwriting (*offered only in spring semesters)
ENGW 2115    Memoir/Creative Nonfiction Writing  (*offered only in fall semesters)

Required literature courses: (11 cr, 3 classes)
* ENGL 2133, Native American Literature OR ENGL 2130, African American Literature
* ENGL 2151      American Literature 2
* One additional ENGL course numbered about 2100

Capstone Project (3 cr, 1 course)
ENGW 2800 Capstone Course (an independent writing project, internship, or combination of project/internship)

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